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General Canvas Features

Creating Activities

How to set up online and offline activities

How to set up and use Assignments

How to set up and use Discussions

How to set up and use Quizzes (Tests)

How to publish your course site and its contents

Sharing Resources

How to set up and use Files

How to set up and use Pages

How to upload your syllabus


How to use Announcements

How to use the Canvas Inbox/Conversations

Using Video

How to use Canvas Studio

How to set up and use Zoom in Canvas


How to set up a Grading Scheme (Scale)

How to set up Assignment Groups (categories) and Weights

How to use SpeedGrader and the Gradebook

Organizing Course Sites

How to Organize Your Canvas Course Site

Specific Canvas Features


How to set up course groups

How to see the people in your Canvas course group

How to add and manage study groups in Canvas

Your Account and Courses

How to log in to Canvas

How to import content into a Canvas course

How to nickname a Canvas course

How to add people to an account group in Canvas

How to search courses in Canvas with admin permissions

How to add people to the Global Faculty Hub


How to individually assign a student to an activity

How to unlock a closed activity in Canvas

How to give extra time or attempts in a quiz to a student in Canvas


How to set the Attendance assignment to ungraded

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