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Canvas course site checklist

How to import content into a Canvas course

Responding to Artificial Intelligence in Academics

**How to use SpeedGrader and the Gradebook**

Preparing Courses

Creating Learning Activities

How to set up online and offline activities

How to use Canvas Studio

How to set up and use Zoom in Canvas

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Setting Up Canvas Course Sites

How to upload your syllabus

How to set up a Grading Scheme (Scale)

How to set up Assignment Groups (categories) and Weights

How to publish your course site and its contents

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Leading Courses

Supporting Meaningful Learning

Teaching Strategies & Ideas

Faith & Learning Integration

Recommended Books on Teaching & Learning

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Teaching with Canvas

How to use SpeedGrader and the Gradebook

How to make accommodations in Canvas

How to use Announcements

How to access your course evaluations through email

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